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You can refer to this outpatient clinic from ANY East Kent GP surgery.

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Wye Outpatients
Wye Surgery
Oxenturn Road
Kent TN25 5AY

01233 884 585 Ext 2222

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Aural Care Microsuction

If you are a GP in East Kent you can refer patients to this Clinic, held at Wye Surgery. To do this, please download a referral form.

> Consultant in charge
> Referral criteria
> Exclusions
> Referral process and follow-up
> Clinic information
> Benefits of using this service
> Contacts for further information

Consultant in charge

This NHS Aural Care Microsuction Clinic is run by Nurse Consultant Sue Cooper RGN, Dip NP, I&SNP, NMC and RCN registered. Sue has 15 years experience working within NHS ENT departments as a senior nurse and ward sister, including 8 years working as an ENT and Aural Care Nurse Practitioner specialising in and developing the Nurse Led Microsuction–Aural Care Clinics with the Head Consultant in ENT and Otology.

Referral criteria

Only for chronic or acute on chronic ear conditions with established diagnosis in patients age 18 or over, referred by GPs in the East Kent region:

  • Acute episodes of chronic ear infections
  • Wax removal with perforations and contraindications for ear syringing
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Mastoid cavities.

How quickly will your patients be seen

The inclusion criteria differ depending on urgency and whether your patient has a new or established condition:

New Routine - seen within 8 weeks

Criteria: Without Infection and requires removal of wax from the External Wax & Middle Ear Wax Contraindicated by ear syringing technique, eg:

  • Mastoid (middle ear cavity)
  • Perforation Central /Attic Retraction Pocket
  • Narrow Ear Canals that cannot be safely dry mopped using ear syringing techniqueHearing aid users that require removal of wax by microsuction
  • Removal of wax prior to fitting of hearing aid or swim mould
  • Grommet occluded with wax
  • Myringplasty (Repair of Tympanic Membrane).

New Urgent - seen within 2 weeks

Criteria: Presents with an acute exacerbation of chronic ear infection, eg:

  • Infected Mastoid Cavity (Otitis Media)
  • Otitis Externa
  • Otitis Externa/Media with perforation
  • Otitis Externa/Media with grommet.

Routine Follow Up - seen within 13 weeks

Criteria: Requires a regular routine micro‐suction appointment following a new routine appointment or urgent follow-up where acute condition settles and may require a routine follow up appointment.

Urgent Follow Up - seen within 2 weeks

Criteria: A routine follow-up that develops a change in ear condition and hearing symptoms or a new urgent that requires regular microsuction and review of treatment programme.


  • Patients under 18
  • Differentiated undiagnosed ear conditions
  • EKHUFT HTENT Emergency Criteria where service provision does not provide access to 24 hour out-of-hours diagnostic/treatment service
  • Nose & throat conditions Rapid Access
  • Removal of superglue in the ear
  • Sudden unilateral hearing loss with tinnitus
  • Undifferentiated Diagnosis of Vertigo/Dizzy Patient
  • Malignant Otitis Externa (Diabetic Patients with Bony Erosion)
  • Sudden Unilateral Otitis media with effusion in an Adult
  • Acute episode of external and middle ear infections that can be initially treated using first line course of treatments.

Referral process and follow-up

  1. When we receive your completed Referral Form we will allocate an appointment and send your patient a confirmation letter
  2. Our letter asks the patient to contact us to confirm they will keep the appointment
  3. After your patient has been seen, the Nurse Consultant will send the referring GP a report/letter
  4. Follow up appointments and procedures will be arranged via Wye Surgery.

Clinic info

  • Frequency varies - when held, clinics are normally on Thursdays (and occasionally on Tuesdays).
  • Appointment length is 10 minutes
  • Patients are asked to arrive promptly and be aware of and comply with our COVID-19 Safety Measures. If a patient is late, they may not be seen.

Benefits of using this service

This clinic provides continuity of treatment and ‘review of care pathway’ by the same practitioner; this avoids repeat review and delays in treatment and achieves high patient satisfaction and treatment outcome ratings. Benefits include:

  • Very short waiting times
  • Patients are always seen by the Nurse Consultant leading the clinic
  • Readily available access to review appointments that are tailored to the patient’s clinical requirements
  • Individual patient ear-care treatment programs alongside ear-care advice
  • Direct Referral to a specialist Consultant Otologist for operation or procedure, if
  • Access to hearing aid and diagnostic hearing assessment services when required
  • All consulting rooms on ground floor, with disabled access
  • Free parking on site.

Contacts us

Please call and speak to either:

  • Phone: 01233 884 585 Ext 2222.
    Email: kmccg.wyesurgeryclinics@nhs.net
  • The Patient Management Centre on 0845 206 8617.


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